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Note: This is a fictitious company. Actual reports may not include all information seen in these samples.

Search inquiry: Crocker Industries / Phoenix / AZ
Supplier Verify Report  

 Crocker Industries

Address: 100 Main St
Phoenix, AZ  85032
United States
Phone: 602-555-1234
Experian BIN: 800914632
Key Personnel: John Doe
SIC Code:3366 - Copper Foundries
Business Type:Incorporated
Experian File Established:Before January 1977
Experian Years on File:More than 33 Years
Years in Business:More than 33 Years

This location does not yet have an estimated Days Beyond Terms (DBT), or a Payment Trend Indicator. This is often the result of too few Payment Tradelines.
UCC Filings:0

GOODJudgments Filed:0

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