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Identify problems and minimize any risk to your profit margin. Experian's supplier evaluation reports provide business background, comprehensive financial information, a supplier risk score, and credit risk facts in an easy-to-read, online format.

The supplier evaluation rating helps companies assess potential financial risk in their supply base. The supplier evaluation rating uses advanced statistical techniques to predict the likelihood of a supplier business exhibiting signs of financial stress in the next 12 months by becoming seriously delinquent or bankrupt. “Seriously delinquent” is defined as more than 91 days beyond terms or bankrupt.

A supplier evaluation rating is derived from Experian's proprietary commercial risk ranking model which utilizes more than 100 variables – including tradeline, collections information, public filings, new account activity, key financial ratios, and other performance indicators. The supplier evaluation rating is determined by applying an additional set of rules intended for supply base management.

Business reports deliver:

-Sophisticated supplier evaluation ratings
-Accurate information from objective sources (no self-reported information)
-Extensive banking, trade, and collection data
-Public record data including liens, judgments, business registrations, bankruptcies, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
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