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When it comes to supplier risk, understanding the financial strength of your suppliers is crucial to managing the supply chain. Today, more businesses recognize that even small supplier disruptions can result in losses to their own revenue, customer satisfaction or credibility. Supplier Check Reports from Experian provide a financial health check on your suppliers, giving you instant access to trusted information you need.

Use Experian Supplier Check Reports to:
-Verify supplier information during search, approval and audit processes
-Identify suppliers with higher financial and legal risk
-Qualify suppliers for relationship management and risk mitigation strategies
-Monitor changes to supplier risk profiles through automated alert notifications

Get the information you need now, at affordable prices (no contracts or subscriptions required).

Report options:
Supplier Evaluation
Plus Report
Supplier Evaluation
Supplier Verify
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Manage your supplier risk with on-demand financial health checks

Supplier Check Reports are easy-to-read reports containing trusted supplier business information from Experian. Supplier Check Reports help you evaluate a supplier’s risk of business failure. Reports include pertinent information such as risk ratings, payment histories, rising delinquencies, severe delinquency indicators on key account types, probability of business failure, records of legal judgments, and industry financial statistics.

Who should use this site?

Experian SupplierCheckReports.com will be helpful to any Supply Manager of any business size within a global sourcing or procurement function of an organization. Such managers identify, verify, qualify, and monitor relationships with direct material suppliers. Here is a list of just a few examples of supplier industries:
  •  Building Material Wholesale
  •  Diversified Electronics
  •  Diversified Machinery
  •  Heavy Construction
  •  Paper and Paper Products
  •  Packaging and Containers
  •  Personal Products
  •  Pollution and Treatment Controls
  •  Scientific and Technical Instruments
  •  Semiconductor Equipment Materials
  •  Major Diversified Chemicals
  •  Specialty Chemicals

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